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Autumn Nicholas

Autumn Nicholas is a gifted songwriter and performer who has amazed audiences around the country. Reminiscent of the singer/songwriter sensibility of Julia Michaels and Dermot Kennedy, the swagger of Kacey Musgraves, the warmth of Adele and the soul of Etta James, Nicholas’ lyrics and melodies tell stories. Stories about love, pain, loss, and hope. She seamlessly blends pop, country and folk melodies, tackling issues from equal rights, loss, love and hope. Her textured vocals create imagery that brings the listener in, so they feel that her journey is their journey. She is an award-winning Nashville-based artist and performer that connects with fans in large venues and small intimate performances.
Billboard wrote about the Shades of Beige EP:” Nicholas uses her stellar pop/R&B sound to address issues like labels ("Light"), social inequality ("Side By Side") and much more, all while showing off her incredible vocals and her natural acumen for songwriting.”

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