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DENITIA IS A MUSICIAN WHO EXEMPLIFIES AMERICAN CULTURAL ENLIGHTENMENT, a dynamic artist seeking foundation in the roots of history and style in modern conception.
As a singer-songwriter based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Denitia’s portfolio spans states, cities and times, her catalog inspired by the lost narratives of her past and contemporary tapestry she’s sown together over time.

And her career is only on the rise.

Born and raised outside Houston, Denitia’s southern heritage forms a canvas for her evolving musical portrait. She grew up listening to the legends of country and folk, while leading choirs and spiritual awakenings at her local church. By five, she was playing piano. Soon thereafter, she brought out a saxophone and trumpet. When alternative rock hit the airwaves, Denitia picked up a guitar and joined the revolution. There was no challenge too obscure.

Denitia’s Christian upbringing opened her ears to harmony, gusto and intention, while the radio brought out something raw, edgy and passionate. From a trailer in the woods, she spent her days studying the art of rock, alt-grunge, and self-revelation, melding it with her baseline in traditional roots music. Self-taught and unafraid, Denitia improvised her newfound language with the guitar and keyboard, and gained confidence performing at praise and worship services. She carried these experiences with her when she moved to Nashville for college, and resurrected them again in the heart of Brooklyn, where she spent 11 years evolving her sound with urban flair, shifting her vision subtly with the skyline.

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