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Julia Cannon

Julia Cannon is a Nashville-based songwriter, recording artist and music producer who is hard to forget. Recently lauded for her “beautiful balladry” by Rolling Stone (2022), Julia’s soothing, honeyed voice and quirky personality offer a refreshing, vibrant contrast to the bittersweet honesty of her lyrics and uncertain times for those listening.

She was raised in Alaska by a hardworking Filipino mother, in a household Cannon could only describe as “unorthodox.” While surviving adversities, Julia Cannon developed her wicked sense of humor and offbeat persona early. As one of very few people of color in a mostly white, ultra-conservative community, Julia’s creative voice cemented her identity as a young woman who could not - and would not - be overwritten.

Julia Cannon’s sound has been described as playful and relaxing, but her tone transcends the folk-pop genre to include soul, rock, and jazz influences. Cannon credits her genre-bending style to influences such as Ella Fitzgerald, Paul McCartney, and Stevie Wonder. In July of 2021, she released her EP Listening, which received positive feedback from both fans and the press. Most recently, Cannon made her debut at Newport Folk Festival, with resounding applause and a nod from Rolling Stone. Her newest single, These Dreams is slated for independent release August 5, 2022 to all streaming platforms.

Julia has a growing fanbase in Nashville, who join an existing community of ardent supporters both at home in Alaska and across the US. She is quickly becoming a fan- favorite on the popular social media platform TikTok, with over 12K followers. Known for her outstanding musicality, disarming persona, beauty, style, and offbeat humor, Julia Cannon is a bright star to watch.

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