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Kentucky Gentlemen

In both music and life, Brandon and Derek Campbell have been nearly inseparable since birth. The 27-year-old twins from Versailles, Ky., got their first public singing experience in a church choir, but when they weren’t learning worship songs, they were foregoing their classical piano practice time to perform to keyboard beats with their older brother Quentin or singing along to Disney Channel songs in their bedroom.

“I remember us never having to practice sounding good together,” Derek recalls. “We just sang together, and it worked.” Still, it took the Campbells some time apart to realize both that music, specifically, was what they were supposed to do with their lives, and that they were supposed to do it together.

Brandon moved to Chicago and Derek to Bloomington, Ind., for college, and while they call that separation “probably the best thing that happened to us,” they also didn’t feel quite at home in their new cities. “I think we needed that time away to be individuals for the first time in our lives,” Brandon reflects. “We needed that to come back and bring what we each had to the table, instead of bringing the same thing.” Separately, the Campbells chose to move home, but together, they decided Nashville was where they should be — and when their mother offhandedly referred to them as “my Kentucky gentlemen,” they knew they’d found their duo name.

The Kentucky Gentlemen’s sound draws inspiration from the ‘90s country and R&B they favored during their childhood, which combine in “Whatever You’re Up For,” their sultry, yet upbeat single. The duo teamed up with multi-Grammy nominated producers to produce this fresh record.

The Kentucky Gentlemen know sharing their more serious personal experiences is just as important as showcasing their fun side. “Unless we call it out, we can’t fight it,” says Derek. “Showing up as your most authentic self over and over and over again will, with time, release so much weight off your shoulders and will start opening doors. It can be hard at times, but it's so much easier than wasting time not being true to who you are.” “People put you into boxes for their comfort, not yours,” Brandon adds. “We hope people see these two guys who just keep showing up as themselves,” Derek continues. “We understand the importance of where we’re going and what that means to people like us. We want to be the same folks that we wish we had always gotten to see on the main stage.”

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