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Folk Hop For Hip Folk, is the signature sound coined by singer/songwriter Mehuman (PRON. “May-mon”). As a former Arista Record’s artist and multi - award-winning SESAC songwriter, Mehuman has shared stages with Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright, Sheila E., Luka Bloom, Laura Nyro, Nona Hendryx, Amelia White, Jimmy Gnecco (Ours), Ani DiFranco, The Verve, Becca Dean Biggs, Ruthie Foster, King Kyoti, G-Love, KoKo Taylor, Laurie Jones, and many more. Mehuman's personal narrative is fraught with love, joy, loss and sorrow. "Beautiful Ashes” is a collection of twelve vignettes produced by Darren Elder (The Halo Studio, Maine), with origins in Folk, Rock Jazz, and Old Time Gospel music - a love offering, a spiritual truce that embraces authenticity, forgiveness and unflappable peace. Throughout her artistic career, Mehuman has amassed an array of collaborations credits, including co-producing with Darren Elder, Laurie Jones’ formidable recording, “Dark Horse” and composing the score and choreography for a contemporary production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest,” for Maine’s acclaimed black box, Heartwood Theater. Mehuman has earned other accolades, including NYC’s Songwriters’ Hall of Fame Award, Best R&B Singer, Detroit City Rock Awards for Best Rock and Roll Band (Urban Voodoo Juice) and Best Americana Roots Band , (Rootbox), and reigning as the first national Steve Madden Rock ‘N’ Sole Songwriting Champion in NYC. Anticipating a 2022 release and prescribed as a musical medicinal with each hopeful reframe, "And So” (Beautiful Ashes) was chosen for a Spotify compilation, pre -COVID 19. Currently, Mehuman is enjoying producing other artists and her new online show, "Wish I Wrote It! - Celebrating and promoting the work of songwriters and artists who have inspired generations.

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