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O.N.E. the Duo

Roughly halfway into their 10-year-long quest for country music stardom and globetrotting mother-daughter act O.N.E the Duo finally arrived in Nashville. Then COVID-19 struck.

However, undeterred, within a year, their tireless, Barbara Mandrell-style work ethic, rugged yet smooth presentation reminiscent of Miranda Lambert, and Judds-style pitch-perfect harmonies have earned them co-signs from Rolling Stone, CMT, and the Country Music Association.

Tekitha and Prana Supreme Diggs have been partnered since she and iconic rap duo Wu-Tang Clan member The RZA conceived her 21 years ago.

Tekitha is an accomplished vocalist in her own right and counts a decade-plus worldwide run recording and touring with the groundbreaking rap group in her musical lineage.

Prana was born in 2000. Thus, she's a child of the modern era. However, she also has a musical intelligence, sensitivity to humanity, and goal-focused demeanor that make her timelessly prodigal like every country icon from Brenda Lee to Taylor Swift.

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