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Ricky Paul

The fertile farmlands of Tallulah, Louisiana, provided me, Paul E. Puckett ("Ricky Paul") with a lifelong affection for natures beauty, and the love of God. Between the early days of singing in the fields, at school events, and at Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church, his anointing set my path for Spiritual Growth and a personal mission to spread God’s word. Today, God’s anointing has gifted me not only as a Vocal Recording Artist, but also Songwriter, Playwright, Poet, Executive Producer, Actor, Author, United States Army Veteran and Philanthropist. Currently, I host TV Show “Around God’s Throne” on All Nations TV Network/Roku. Since 2003, I have recorded five projects: My Life, Broken Pieces, King of Kings, Just a Country Boy and Diana's Song. My literary contribution to Christian ministry, titled Collection of Songs Inspired by God, was released December 2020.

In my walk with God, my desire is to give Him all the Praise and Glory for my journey and deliverance. I am celebrating my tenth year as a liver transplant and cancer survivor. It is not that I can write or sing so good, but it is the anointing that God gives. He writes the songs. He tunes the instruments of my voice. He blesses me with the platforms to worship and to give Him praise. I am just a Country Boy, full of Praise for The Most High!

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